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All things in moderation

How many of us have made a huge resolution to go on a diet only to see it fail after a few days of cutting out everything that we have ever enjoyed? Or stuck to it religiously, only to find when we have reached our target weight and the diet stops that the pounds start to pile back on again – and then some?

The reason for this is because, firstly, we are asking ourselves to do something that is completely unrealistic, and secondly, because we are not changing our attitudes towards food and eating.

The key to successful weight loss is to do things in moderation. There’s no need to cut out all sugary snacks, as long as you balance them with more healthy options – and eat less of them than you are probably doing right now.

Think, too, about the size of the meals that you have; many people have been brought up to believe that they have to eat everything on their plates – that’s fine, just use smaller plates and be aware of how much you are putting on them.

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