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Tai Chi for You and Me

Tai Chi for You and Me

Staying physically active in a body and mind sustaining way can be difficult. It is easy to get burnt out by the same old routine. It becomes mindless and soon you forget to see the point.


Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient martial art that specifically focuses on being mindful of every move and breath. Its slow, deliberate moves encourage people to be in control of every turn, lift and step. It is important to gain awareness of the “Qi” or natural energy that flows throughout our bodies and maintains our health. This intentional exercising gradually builds muscle strength, balance, poise and agility without straining joints or muscles in ways that will catch up to you later in life.


By focusing on how the mind works with the body, Tai Chi is as much of a mental exercise as it is physical exercise. People deepen their own understands of how their body functions and this heightened awareness translates to finding connections and understanding in every part of life.


Any body type or age range can not only enjoy but benefit from Tai Chi. The slow and mindful moves do not stress the bodies of elderly people who are looking to stay active but not strain their bodies. Younger people can also benefit physically from learning the patience and control associated with the movements, as well as the deep breathing that relaxes a person and dissipates stress.


The movements also seek to connect the individual person to the people around them and all living and life-nourishing elements. Many of the poses are named after animals or natural elements, such as “bridge over water” or “snake creeps through the grass.”


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