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The Trouble with Diets: Look Beyond the Marketing

The trouble with diets is that there are too many of them. Every time we open a magazine, switch the PC on, or watch TV, there’s some new diet promising that if we just do this, or pay for that, or take part in this regime, we’ll suddenly see all our excess weight melting away and we’ll morph into the beautiful airbrushed person featured in the advert.

Yeah, right. But the thing is, we want to believe it so we go along with the hype and spend our entire month’s grocery budget on three days’ worth of some inedible pieces of cardboard that will, ‘allegedly’ make our metabolism speed up, and yet contains absolutely no calories.

Either that, or we buy into the notion that we can survive on just one food group for the next month and the pain will all be worth it when someone like Victoria Beckham turns up on our doorstep to ask how we’ve done it.

We want to believe the marketing so we do – when actually, all we need to know is how to change our bad habits and exchange the unhealthy stuff we put into our mouths for healthier versions.

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