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The Zumba Revolution

The Zumba Revolution

If exercise sounds like the last thing you want to do but want to get fit, Zumba is your ticket. Once you start, you’ll be hooked. A Zumba-ite for life.


Zumba was invented by accident, in Colombia 1986 when dance instructor Alberto “Beto” Perez forgot to bring his workout music tapes to class. He used his Latin music tapes from his car and dance-workouts were never the same. In 2001, he brought Zumba to the United States and Americans have been hooked ever since.


Zumba works so well as an exercise technique because, simply put, it’s actually fun for all fitness and dance levels. Traditional dance moves are tweaked with resistance and intervals of speed to a variety of hip-shaking music styles, including salsa, flamenco, mambo, cumbia, bhangra, hip hop, reggaeton and meringue.


The upbeat and lively music welcomes all into the Zumba family. You can adapt moves to meet your fitness needs—either harder or slower. As long as you’re moving all the time, you win with Zumba. It makes exercise enjoyable in a way that you look forward to it. There is no burn out. A little Zumba here and a little Zumba there and you will zoom into the fitness shape you want.


Dragging yourself to a treadmill or bulking up with weights may get you to the fitness you want, but you will probably come to dread it so much you will lose motivation and stop before you can see the results. Life is short, you should enjoy every minute. Exercise and looking great can be fun, just hop on the Zumba party train and hang on.

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