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Tough Dieting Tips: No Pain, No Gain

We’ve all done it – been lured into starting a diet because it claims that it’s easy and with very little effort, we’ll reach our goal weight. The truth is, dieting can be tough – so here are some tough dieting tips – that tell you the truth.

Stop eating. That’s the trouble with diets, we can’t go cold turkey because we need to eat. But we don’t have to eat fat dripping, salt laden, sugar sweet foods that pile on the pounds. The choice is yours.

Start exercising. You don’t need to spend every spare minute at the gym – but you do need to move some more. Cut out the lazy option and walk up the stairs instead of jumping in the lift, and include some five to ten minute workouts throughout the day, and you’ll begin to see a difference.

Stick a picture on the fridge of you when you were slimmer as a stark reminder of where you want to be again – and one of you now – and look at them when you feel the temptation to stick something in your mouth that you don’t need!

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