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Video: Five Reasons for Being Unsuccessful Dieting

Use this video to discover the five top reasons why people tend to be unsuccessful when they try to lose weight – so you can put them behind you and make your diet work for you.

Reason number five: you’re not eating enough. Sounds crazy, but if you don’t eat enough your body thinks it’s genuinely starving and clings onto all its fat reserves.

Reason number four: even though you include them in your calorie counting, junk foods can be really damaging because they trick you into thinking you’re hungrier than you are – so you eat more.

Reason number three: you’re not doing enough strength training; done properly, this speeds up your metabolism.

Reason number two: you’re repeating the same old cardio workout. Check out your heart rate, and if necessary up your exercise.

Reason number one: the top reason why people fail to lose weight when they are dieting is because they have no real idea of portion size and just guess. Use measuring cups or weigh what you eat to make sure you get it right.

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