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Yoga for Body and Mind

Yoga for Body and Mind

Yoga has been used for centuries as a way to create harmony between your body and mind. Taking part in this ancient practice takes time and discipline, but the benefits are incredible. You will notice the change in yourself almost instantly.

Part of yoga is meditation. As you move through the various poses you focus on the tension in your muscles and relax your mind. When you are under a lot of stress, the body releases cortisol which causes fat to accumulate in your midsection. This exercise will help you relieve stress.

If you are doing yoga at home, it is important to create your own quiet and serene place. Bring elements of nature, relaxing sounds and low lights. Keep it simple, though. Your space should be comfortable but not crowded.

If you are a busy mom, find time during your day or evening to relax and center yourself with yoga. If you cannot do this without having a child asking questions about what you are doing, include them in the process. Children imitate and learn from parents. Once your child sees that part of the day includes time to relax and stretch, they will want to participate as well.

Yoga will give you the tools to get physically fit while allowing you to relax and center yourself. Create your own private, sacred space designated for yoga that is simple and relaxing. Involve your child in the daily practice as well. The experience will benefit yourself, your children, and your life.

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